biggest bonus at soccer online gambling

biggest bonus at soccer online gambling

A bonus is a gift that is given at the beginning, either at the time of registering or making a deposit. The amount of the bonus prize is not the same between the new member bonus and the bonus every time you deposit as well as the calculation and the rules of the game.

New member/registration bonus
This bonus gift is given by sbobet338 members from bookies / sbobet agents. The bonus given is in the form of SBOBET credit/coin which is added as soon as you make a deposit.

The function of this bonus prize is to attract new members to want to play on the site. Or in other words as a promotion so that members want to choose to play at aseanbet.

The rules of the game are as follows:

New member deposit bonus for SBOBET online casino and soccer gambling
The bonus value is 10% of the initial deposit
The minimum initial deposit to get a new member bonus at SBOBET is IDR 300,000.
The maximum bonus prize given is IDR 500,000.
The bonus is directly entered into the SBOBET ball or casino account
This bonus can be used for all games on the SBOBET website.
The bonus cannot be cashed out directly
To withdraw this bonus, you must reach a predetermined target. The target is 4 times the deposit + bonus value.
The calculation for withdrawing the bonus is as follows: initial deposit of IDR 300,000 + 30,000 (10% bonus) = IDR 330,000 x 4 = IDR 1,320,000. If the target is not reached, the bonus will be withdrawn. but the manganese value can be drawn.
This bonus cannot be combined with other promotions.
This bonus does not see the value of the turn over that you do.
Prospective members must agree to join the new member bonus program.
If the first deposit has been played without a bonus and then claims a new member bonus, then the new member bonus cannot be given.