Guide to Playing Super Combo Betting

Guide to Playing Super Combo Betting

Super combo bets can be said to be mix parlay bets. It’s just that super combo bets provide more complete sports betting, such as football, basketball, base ball, tennis, volleyball and others.

Definition of Super Combo Betting
Super combo bet is a bet by selecting a mixed bet together with a selection of different teams agen sbobet resmi and on different matches. The minimum number of teams to make a super combo bet is three teams.

It is rare for players to play this bet, because this bet is still said to be less popular than the mix parlay bet that has been known for a long time. Even though super combo bets are the same as mix parlays, the only difference between super combo bets and mix parlay bets is that the sports provided are more complete in super combo bets.

How to Play Super Combo Betting
Super combo bets are the same as mix parlay bets with the same type of betting market, namely Handicap, 1×2, Odd Even, Over Under. With rules such as the mix parlay, which is very easy and difficult because all teams have been selected, there should not be a single team to lose, so bettors must really choose their flagship team in order to win multiple times.

Super Combo Bet
Through the example above, the bettor must choose 3 teams with a minimum bet value of 10 thousand. The odds given from the super combo bet are the same as the mix parlay, there is no difference in the odds of these two types of bets.

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Here we will provide an example of a super combo bet through the Handicap betting exchange. Here’s an example of a super combo bet:

Sao Paulo gives voor to Colon de Santa Fe -1@1.86 ( voor 1, Odds = 1.86 )
Fluminense gave voor to Defensor Sporting Montevideo -1@2.00 ( voor 1, Odds = 2.00 )
Club Boliver gives voor to Deportivo Cali -1.25@2.11 ( voor 1 1/4, Odds = 2.11 )
How to Calculate Super Combo Bet
If the three selected teams win all matches, then the formula for the super combo is the same as the mix parlay.

(1.86 x 2.00 x 2.11) x IDR 10,000 = IDR 59,700 (all included in the modla you installed)

Then all the net wins that you will get are = IDR 59,700 – IDR 10,000 capital = IDR 49,700

For that, it is expected to choose the team that you think can win the match in full so that you can get the full result. No single team may experience a complete defeat or 1/2 or play with a draw. Because, it can affect the odds you get.