The best strategy to take advantage of new member bonuses

The best strategy to take advantage of new member bonuses

To use and take advantage of this bonus is to make an initial deposit as large as possible until it reaches the maximum value of the bonus. After that, don’t bet directly. but divide it into several bets with constant value.

Example: immediately making an initial deposit of IDR 3,000,000, then you will get a bonus of IDR 300,000. After that, break down the value of your bet at least 5 times from IDR 3,300,000. That is placing Rp. 660,000 per bet.

By splitting the bet value 5 times, your chances of playing ibc388 will be much longer, this will increase your chances of getting a win compared to just one pair with a value of IDR 3,300,000 directly.
Why must it be solved 5 times? because the target given is 5 times.

Bonus every time you deposit
This bonus prize takes effect when you make a second and subsequent deposit for either casino or online football gambling games or games on the SBOBET site.

This bonus gift is given by online bookies so that online gambling games look much more interesting to play, the most important reason is that members become excited with an additional bonus every time they make a deposit and also provide the opportunity to get more wins for players who make bets either at the casino or at the casino. football betting.

The conditions that must be met in order to get a bonus every time you deposit are: