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The Most Complete List of IDN LIVE Casino Games in Indonesia

IDNLIVE is one of the IDNPlay online live casino games which is now very popular in Indonesia. There are various types of IDNLIVE games that you can play using only 1 ID/Account. In addition, the latest type of online casino game from IDNPlay is very famous with the lowest minimum bet of only IDR 1,000.

Here are 16 types of IDN LIVE Casino game choices adopted from several types of traditional games that are quite popular in Indonesia including Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Niu Niu, Baccarat, 12D, 24D, 24D Spin, Billiards, Dice 6, Gong Ball, Head Tail , Oglok, Poker Dice, Red White, Sicbo Dadu, Monopoly, and also Suwit.

All types of online casino IDN games

this has been presented live streaming 24 hours so that anytime you can play this game, be it online or mobile. And the following will be discussed a little about the IDN LIVE Casino game below:

List of IDN LIVE Casino Games :

  1. Baccarat
    This IDN LIVE Casino Baccarat game is no different from casino online baccarat games in general, where you only need to place bets between the player, banker and tie sides. The dealer will give you 2 cards face down on the side of the player and the banker. After that the player will place his bet and the dealer will open the cards and compare. The highest card accumulation value is 9.
  2. Dragon Tiger
    This game is not much different from the IDN LIVE Casino Baccarat game. This game is available for players who only place bets between the Dragon, Tiger and Tie sides. Next the dealer will distribute each player 1 card and compare the highest value in this dragon tiger game which is 9.
  3. Roulette
    Roulette is one of the most popular IDN LIVE Casino games in Indonesia. This game is a must at online live casinos, because this game is a favorite game for those who like its gameplay. Live roulette uses a game wheel which is divided into 37 sections, and each section is numbered. The dealer spins the roulette board then a white ball is inserted into the roulette wheel, where the player’s task is to guess a number that will be hit by the white ball by placing a bet in it.
  4. 12D
    12D idn live is a traditional game where the media is played using a 4-sided board with numbers 1-24 randomly placed on the board. The dealer will throw an iron ball on the 12D game board, where the player’s task is to guess what number the ball will stop by placing a bet, quite simply, not how to play.
  5. 24D
    The live idn 24D game uses 24 black and red balls placed in a container. How to play is also very easy, because the members bet on the ball that will come out the winner after the dealer moves the container.
  6. 24D Spin
    In addition to how to play with 12D, this game also uses 24 red and black balls placed in a bowl. The only difference is the container in the game.
  7. Billiards
    Playing Billiards IDN LIVE Casino is different from the billiards game that you already know online. In this Billiards game, the breaker (racquet ball) will hit the white ball towards the ball in the center of the table which is arranged to form a triangle like in a pool in general. This game determines which ball hits the table wall near the breaker’s position.
  8. Dice 6
    Dice 6 idn Live Casino is a traditional game that uses a dice as a game medium in it. The dealer will roll a 6-sided die that has a handle on both ends. The task of the sixth dice player is to guess the number of dice above the dice played by the dealer. If your guess is correct in this Dice 6 game, then your bet will be multiplied by the number on the game table.
  9. Gong Ball
    The live ball game idn Gong Ball is the same as samgong (3 pictures) where the result of this game depends on the number of three cards obtained.
    In this gong ball game, using skateboard mode with numbers and pictures such as playing cards with a total of 36 parts, detailing 3 circles for A-10 and 2 circles for J, Q and K. 3 balls will be thrown to the board 1 with 1 Circle the ball holder is at. She goes. Only the stop sign taken from the last number will be added in the extension.
    What distinguishes this live ball game idn gong is that there are player and banker positions where you can get the winning player card (take out based on gongball) or banker (take out based on card).
  10. Head Tail
    Head Tail is a type of live currency gambling that uses 3 currencies as the playing medium. The task of the player is to guess the combination of pictures on 3 coins tossed by the dealer at once. This game is easy to play.
  11. Monopoly
    idn live monopoly is one of the most popular online traditional gambling games in Indonesia. The game uses a 20 grid board with 16 divided Southeast Asian chests, 3 bonus chests and 1 regional grid. This Monopoly game uses 20-sided dice as a playing medium. The task of the players is to guess the country you will visit by placing bets in it.
  12. OGLOK
    Oglok idn live casino is a koprok or kopyok slot game that uses 3 dice as a medium for playing. The gameplay of IDN LIVE Casino oglok is very easy to play, because you only need to guess the combination of images on the 3 dice thrown by the dealer.
  13. Poker Dice
    Poker Dice Idn Live is a very unique game that uses 5 different black and red dice. This game can be compared to playing poker but using dice. You only need to guess a combination of 5 numbers that are immediately discarded by the dealer.
  14. red white
    This red and white uses a red and white chess-like board, then there are 2 yellow jackpot boxes. The way to play is very easy because the dealer will put the ball on the game board and then you can guess what color the ball will go to.
  15. Sicbo
    Sicbo idn live is an online dice gambling game that is very popular and has many fans in Indonesia. This game is one of the legendary games that uses 3 dice numbers as a playing medium. Sicbo idnlive gameplay is very easy because members issue a combination of numbers on the 3 dice thrown by the dealer.
  16. Suwit
    The Suwit IDN LIVE Casino gambling game is quite unique, where this game uses 2 dice depicting rock, scissors, and paper fingers. And the way to play is only to guess the combination of finger pinch images on the 2 dice thrown by the dealer.